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B3 notched trowel 180mm *
B3- Trowel for the optimal processing of Slate-Lite . Apply the adhesive when processing Slate-Lite with this B3 Trowel to create optimal groove formation and adhesive strength.
€4.86 *
Slate Lite Care Cleaner
Slate-Lite Care Cleaner is a mild-alkaline soap cleaner with regreasing components, specially designed for cleaning and care of stone veneers The product is a concentrate and economical in consumption. High yield No need to wipe off...
Content 1 Ltr.
€9.74 *
Special Cleaner 250ml
Slate-Lite Special Cleaner is ideal for removing adhesive and old silicone seals from Slate-Lite . Simply apply the cleaner to the poluted area on a lint-free cloth and remove the dirt. Content: 250 ml Download: Safety Data Sheet
Content 0.25 Ltr. (€38.96 * / 1 Ltr.)
€9.74 *
Slate-Lite Reparing-Kit
Slate-Lite Reparing Kit is a product for artists and restorators. Small damages in the material can be eliminated by inserting the color pigments into the still wet glue or mixing them with white glue. Please note: Use waterproof...
€14.61 *
Slate-Lite Floor & Wall Indoor 600 ml
Slate-Lite Floor & Wall Interior is a one-component silane based adhesive especially for the bonding of Slate-Lite in all interior application areas. Impact sound insulated Solvent free Water resistant Permanently elastic after curing...
Content 0.6 Ltr. (€24.35 * / 1 Ltr.)
€14.61 *
Soudal MS CLear
Soudal MS Clear is a crystal-clear curing, single-component sealent and adhesive for elastic bindings. Its transparent curing is perfect for bonding Translucent . After curing, stays elastic Solvent Free Nalmost odourless Content: 290 ml...
Content 0.3 Ltr. (€58.47 * / 1 Ltr.)
€17.54 *
Soudal HT 240FC Grey
Soudal 240 FC is a high-quality, neutral, one-component and permanently elastic adhesive and sealant based on hybrid polymer. Due to its high resilience, it is perfectly suitable for gluing Slate-Lite to walls and floors. Permanently...
Content 0.6 Ltr. (€29.23 * / 1 Ltr.)
€17.54 *
Caulking gun 600ml / 380mm
Cartridge gun suitable for glue in a 600 ml tubular bag. Suitable adhesive products: Slate-Lite Floor & Wall Interior / Soudal 240 FC
€17.54 *
Akemi stain remover
Akemi Oil and Grease Remover Paste Use this Akemi cleaner to remove tough stains and impurities from Slate-Lite decors.
€19.49 *
Slate-Lite PU
Slate-Lite PU is a moisture-curing 1-component PUR adhesive with a wide range of adhesion. It is free of solvents and formaldehyde. Slate-Lite PU is ideal for pressing onto different substrates. Highly foaming Free of solvents Water...
Content 1 Ltr.
€19.49 *
Impregnator 1000ml
Slate-Lite Special Impregnator is an effective protection against oil, grease and water stains. The impregnation does not contain solvents, it is water-based. No solvents Water and oil repellent Improved care characteristics Easy...
Content 1 Ltr.
€24.36 *
Special Protection 250ml
Slate-Lite Special Protection is a ready-to-use, weather-resistant and yellowing-free impregnation based on organic active ingredients. The capillary forces of the stone absorb the pearl protection without closing the pores. This results...
Content 0.25 Ltr. (€97.44 * / 1 Ltr.)
€24.36 *
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